What is EP Archives?

EP Archives is an open access archive that allows researchers of all scientific fields to disseminate their working papers, preprints, post prints, or ahead-of-prints to large audiences.

Is it a peer-reviewed journal?

No. Articles are published online after a brief editorial moderation and classification.

Is it free to publish my work in EP Archives?

Yes. Publishing your working paper, preprint, post print, ahead-of-print is completely free. EP Archives recommends using professional author services to improve paper readability and thus increase impact.

Can I later publish my paper that was posted on EP Archives in a peer-reviewed journal?

Yes. EP Archives does not restrict you from submitting your paper to other journals or repositories. Additionally, most peer-reviewed journals allow authors to post preprints and do not count it as a prior publication. However, we advise authors to consult the policies of the journal since each peer-reviewed journal may have different set of rules and views regarding the preprints, postprints, accepted, or ahead-of-prints.

How can I correct an error in one of the articles published on EP Archives?

If an error is found, a correction notice will be issued and doubly linked to the existing paper web page.

How can I remove or withdraw an article from EP Archives archives?

For practical reasons and to maintain the integrity of the archives, EP Archives will not remove or withdraw any published articles from its archives. However, if necessary, a retraction notice can be issued and doubly linked to the existing paper web page.